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Prevent a penalty and disavow bad backlinks!

Not being up to date with what links link to your website can get you in trouble. Because if there are lot of bad links linking to your website you will receive a Google penalty.

To cancel a manual action against web spam it is important to remove backlinks that don’t uphold the Google guidelines. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. Often webmasters do not respond to link removal requests. In this case there is an possibility to disavow the backlink.

Disavowing is very important

By disavowing a backlink a website can indicate that it doesn’t want to be associated with certain backlinks. Through Webmaster tools Google offers the possibility to upload a list with domains that may contain harmful links that link to your website.

Have an expert carry out your disavow project

Disavowing certainly does come with it’s own risks. When accidentally disavowing the wrong backlinks from the right domains this will result in decreased keyword rankings. So we advise to have this done by an expert. After a while Google will recalculate your keyword ranking.

Even though your website hasn’t been a victim of manual action against web spam it’s still important to disavow links from time to time. Bad links in your backlink profile will prevent you from growing in keyword rankings. Linkbuilding Partner has a preventive scan.

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