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Work strategy Linkbuilding Partner

First of: research

As online builders you don’t just accept a project.

It all starts with a free of cost strategical plan. This plan is based on a good analysis. We will bring you your Off Page SEO and we will map out who your online competition is for you. If there are some much needed points of improvement we will discuss these with you too. Through this thoroughly done research we will exactly show you what has to be done to out rank your competition.

If you agree with the keyword analysis, time table, your wishes and budget? Then we can start our project together.

Accepted work

If you agree with our proposal it’s time to carry it out. We usually work on a monthly basis with a duration of 3 to 6 months. We work with a three-stage model:

  • From out side the top 10 to in the top 10
  • From the top 10 to the top 5-3
  • Maintaining the acquired position

You will be updated monthly of the work and achieved results. Your results are our business credibility!

We deliver without a contract

With Linkbuilding Partner you will never be stuck to a contract. That is because we believe that if we achieve well you will stay a happy partner. A collaboration with Linkbuilding Partner is a team effort that is built on trust and achievements.

For short, good team work should not be forced, it should be a collaboration built on trust.

Fast delivery

We deliver our work within 3 weeks!

Thereafter we keep an eye on your results daily and you will receive a monthly report with a clear view on the developments. Linkbuilding only works if everything is in order On Page. We will continually keep monitoring this for you.

With our years of experience and our three-stage model we have successfully improved hundreds of websites.